Sunday, November 13, 2016

Would It be So Wrong?

Would it be so wrong if I loved you for who you are, for all your faults, your misgivings, your gas?

Would it be so wrong if you loved me for being myself, not for being someone you wanted to be.

Most people say they love someone, nah, screw all that, they love that person for the ideal image they have in their head, and then they encapsulate that idea in a perfect mental statue of pristine heavenlyness, and never let go. Would it be so wrong to be so narcissistic?

Would it be so wrong if I gave that homeless guy 5 bucks "to catch the bus" I mean to crowdfund his meth addiction?


Would it be so wrong if I watched porn and decided to spare you the details?

Would it be so wrong if I reserved paragraphs for single sentences or phrases?

Would it be so wrong if they reserved a six-person table for a party of two during dinner rush? And I'm talking about the party of two that offers a coffee, a hummus, asks for the wiki password, then sets up camp for two and a half hours. That would be okay right?

Would it be so wrong if I only typed in a free-flowing mess (morning pages I'm told), used run on sentences (look it up on Wikipedia), tons of parentheses to get my long-winded approach across, because I felt it necessary and speaking of which would it be so wrong to ignore punctuation and sepllnig in the name of creativity bruh I mean how long do we have to accept the tyranny of things that the Modern Language Association deems appropriate, btw fuck your margins, and fuck your anal citation rules.

And would it be so wrong if I recited this at your local poetry night, preferably in a rhythmic pace with a deep voice, at a hipster coffee shop?

Actually, yeah, that would be totally wrong. Fucking confirmed.

Would it be so wrong for a megalomaniac to post these indulgent thoughts to the net?

I suppose.

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