Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Pull of the Glow

The glowing of the blue, the blue of the glow, I stare into the screen, it stares into my soul.... errrrr... some terrible half baked poetry I once thought of after smoking way too much grass, at least more marijuana than I'm currently used to consuming illicitly.

Every day and every night, it's the same song and dance: Turn on the phone and check for notifications. Click the youtube shortcut button on my laptop, check my subscriptions. None of my subscriptions posted anything new? *Sigh and scroll down* oh look hilarious Hillary Clinton vs Trump videos, guess I'll check that out. Warriors at Lakers highlights omg Larry Nance Jr. posterized the SHIT OUTTA David West tho, Game of Thrones compilation vids... hey, wHere the fuck did the time go?

Where indeed did the fucking time go? This "blog" (barf) is quite the neon flashing WARNING sign of that. I just kinda assumed that it would write itself apparently, seven years won't go by just like that, will they? Oh wait apparently they will, fuck.

Eckhart Tolle, the Buddha, and the one homeless dude on your corner who kinda smells like six-day old unrefridgerated chicken soup, all these homies have talked about staying in the all-too mysterious present, that the fantasies of your undefined future, and the regrets and dreams long gone from your past, all of these are just your mind in the present, playing its little youtube movie on the screen of your awareness. Nothing really matters except the feelings, the actions, the mindset you find yourself in during this very moment, and what you do with your time and energy to make the most out of this moment, or something??? I dunno, I failed New Age SECRET of Making Money Marketing courses.

And with that said, since you somehow stumbled upon this graveyard of a necro'd blog, you really should go back to your PRESENT, the reason you started staring into your glowing screen in the first place tonight, and get back to fapping.

Where the fuck is my book deal?

I'll be here all week.


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