Sunday, November 6, 2016

Let's. Break. It. Down. White Boy Style

Everyone loves music right? Even when the term "music" is loosely defined. Oh what the fuck. I digress.

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Let's tackle this like Ray Lewis shall we? Artistic critcism is important to culture and all that jazz, or at least that's what the critics would have you believe. So LEY GO, when it comes to 'dis BLOG, to quote Yo Gotti in the beginning of this song, "we can do this shit ALL NIGHT." I mean, I personally can't do this all night or my girlfriend is liable to kill me, but then the next line from Yo Gotti's cohort "BAD BITCH IN THE CLUB" seems appropriate. I think it's modern romanticism really, and after calling her a "bad bitch", that allows me to, again, "do this shit all night," since I'll be banished to the keyboard and fapping, rather than getting laid in my own bedroom.

But I digress (drink every time I type this), let's BREAK IT DOWN.

Apparently Yo Gotti's "friend" French Montana (I'm speechless really) seems to think that whoever this "bad bitch" is that is currently at that same nightclub, her significant other does not deserve her. in fact he feels so emphatic about this point, he drives it home by rhythmically repeating "FUCK NIGGA DON'T DESERVE YOU" three times, followed by "GO 'N SHOW HIM WHAT THE CURB DO."

Obviously their solution to her problem of having a subhuman boyfriend is simple, They both begin to repeat "FUCK WITH ME GIRL YOU KNOW I GOT YOU" (or is it "u"?)

The evolution of English is a curious thing. We've gone from:

"If you date me you won't regret it, I'll provide security and excitement in your life"



I mean as long as the message gets across I guess I'm okay with it. but I'm getting a little ahead of myself, let's back it up BITCH.


Had this guy taken the same puritanical English grammar course that I did in the eighth grade, he would have been burned at the stake for such a sentence, even though personally I find it quite entertaining. I too would like to randomly shout at people in a crowded nightclub and show them "what the curb do".

Let's BREAK. IT. DOWN. (white boy style)

First off, when did "Please proceed with..." turn into "GO 'N"? I mean, I'm not complaining. What kind of moron needs all those extra syllables, words, and run-on sentences to get a point across?... Don't answer that please.

Next, "WHAT THE CURB DO." I could write a 10-page essay focusing on this goldmine of a phrase, but I'm lazy and I'd like to keep posts under 1,000 words if possible. I always thought that the cliche read "kick him to the curb", thus "curb" is an object of a preposition, not a subject capable of taking the intransitive verb "does"... er I mean... "DO"...

Okay, my brain hurts too much. Need to smoke that now-legal grass. BTW If you think I'm "hatin" on the poet-laureate, I actually love this stuff. At least it provides plenty of entertainment and gives me something to write about. I leave you with this brilliant poetry by Yo Gotti (found in the attached song):

"Most of these niggas in the friend zone,
TOUCHDOWN, I be in the end zone!" 

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